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Get to know the “My HR” portal

The HR (Human Resources) sector is the department that manages people.

It is responsible for hiring, training and other functions that concern the employees of an organization, such as time sheet, payroll, employee vacations, records and is also fundamental in delivering obligations to the government.

As a department that has a complex degree of data and information, it is very important that HR has a management system that helps in carrying out daily tasks.

Thus, an ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning) facilitates the automation, control and organization of all information, and also facilitates the integration of HR with all other departments of the company.

With the integration of information or the immediacy in which some decisions need to be taken, mobile applications are essential allies to business, as they allow full access and complete management of the company, even remotely. It also streamlines and facilitates communication between managers and employees. An example of an application that optimizes your time is “Meu RH”, a Protheus management system, from TOTVS SA.

Portal “My HR” The “My HR” software was developed to simplify and enhance the operations of a company’s human resources department.

With the mobile app, it’s easier to manage all your tasks, anywhere and anytime.

Among the various benefits for managers and employees who use this app, we can mention:


  • Access to payslip, income report, etc;
  • Marking the point by the application;
  • Request allowance and vacation;
  • Send certificate (with scanned file).

Area managers

  • Update registration data of employees;
  • Track hour bank;
  • Consult point mirror;
  • Approval of allowance and vacation;
  • Payment breakdown.

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