What have you heard about Protheus consulting?

There are many myths about PROTHEUS consulting, this makes companies afraid to seek advice.

The negative reputation that some consultants have cultivated over the years, for charging high prices, lacking transparency and not delivering what they promise, has created discomfort and distrust in clients, generating resistance to seeking other support for believing that everyone is equal.

On top of all this, the question of whether or not we have a link with the manufacturer still arises. What the client doesn’t know about this is that, in most cases, the absence of the bond becomes a facilitator.

Leef, in the words of our own customers, stands out among many, for its agility, innovations and fairness with the amount charged.

“Leef has its own identity, a unique profile for customer service! We can translate it as ‘The Leef Way (Free, Light, Effective) to support customers. For those who have been using Protheus for a long time, the difference is quickly noticed.” – Dario Junior, Leef customer.

We work in a differentiated way, with an effective methodology so that our support brings results in the client’s day-to-day activities.

Assistance with specialized analysts in each module, day and night, giving preference to the customer, as we are not franchisees.

Our focus is to ensure delivery and achieve total customer satisfaction.

After a lot of talking, try it! Make a project with us, meet our technicians and methodologies. Don’t be afraid to drop the bad and get to know the great.

Be another satisfied Leefer! contact us .

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