Extension MP 936 – Emergency Program for the Maintenance of Employment and Income

LAW No. 14,020, OF JULY 6, 2020

Law No. 14.020/2020 was published, which presents the conversion of MP 936, contemplating the reduction of wages and working hours, in addition to the suspension of contracts, during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The law has some vetoes, including the exemption of the payroll that covers 17 sectors of the economy, currently the exemption applies until the end of 2020 and the original text contemplated this extension until 2021.

Update for BEM file generation version 3.0

We inform you that the package containing the routine adjustments for the Generation of the BEM File, version 3.0, as well as the respective documentation, contemplating the step by step for the generation of the new Layouts: Extension, Anticipation and Cancellation of Suspension/Reduction of Salaries provided for in MP 936/2020.

In addition to the generation of the file itself, this update includes dealings with the Payroll Calculation Routines to meet the suspension/reduction options dealt with in Layout 3.0.

Leef is ready to help you with the adaptations, updates and guidance on MP 936/2020, our technical staff dominates the news and can explain every point so that there are no doubts or inadequacies in your company.

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