Operating Productivity​

Event Monitor: warnings, alerts, operational workflows to streamline the operation.

Request / typing / interaction terminals.

Diverse registries with friendly platforms and excellent cost benefits.

Knowledge bank.

Automated operational processes according to business rules.

Purchasing/Supply Chain

Automations of your purchasing process.

Workflow for quotations.

Case-by-case analysis.

Customization according to your needs.

All this and more can be found by talking to Leef experts.


In partnership with Boleto Simples, we developed SpeedLeef. Technology that automates billing, integrates with the modules involved in the process and brings peace of mind and assertiveness so that you can allocate your personnel resources in more effective ways for your business.


Having a vision of your business, making it more productive and ensuring that your processes work safely are essential for the manager.

Leef can help you with that.

We have tools that can optimize your ERP, talk to our experts.


Automation of various processes, notes, receipts and transfers, for example:

Improvement of separation, control and consumption of inputs according to the best production process/structure.

Automated processing processes, in order to improve inventory controls, automate records / notes / consumption and logistics.

All solutions culminate in process improvement and consequent materials planning.


WMS solutions and/or integrations with specialist systems.

Sales integrating B2B, synchronizing data directly with customers or even integrating with their own portals and/or even CRM.