cyber security

cyber security

Is your company 100% secure?

It is common knowledge that we are all going through a period of daily news and adaptations in the corporate environment due to the Covid-19 pandemic, now I ask you, are you sure that your data is safe? Can you state without blinking that your business is not at risk of attack? Especially in home office format? If so, excellent, protecting data and that of your customers is the foundation for all other processes. If not, keep reading and we’ll start taking better care of your information. With the rapid spread of COVID-19, organizations are adopting preventive measures for the safety of their employees. The main initiatives implemented consist of making entry and exit times more flexible, alternating teams and adopting work in the home office format. This last practice has been increasingly common in the corporate world, as it allows workers to maintain their routine outside the workplace, customer service, communication with suppliers and ensures business continuity. The home office is an efficient strategy and part of the organizations resilience in adverse times, but it also exposes companies to cyber risks. Accessing companies’ systems with external networks, with notebooks, smartphones and other non-preapproved equipment can open up vulnerabilities. And within this scenario, many organizations are implementing teleworking without properly instructing employees and applying any cybersecurity measures. Here are 5 tips to keep data and information safe:

Phishing: With daily updates on COVID-19, news can bombard your inbox. With this, beware of those of dubious origin, known as phishing. They can propagate in order to steal user data and passwords; WiFi: Make sure the Wi-Fi network you are accessing is private and not public. Hackers often access sensitive data over open Wi-Fi networks; Information sharing: Do not share company information. Maintain organizational data integrity; Backup: Update frequently used documents in clouds so you don’t lose them.

Passwords: Set strong passwords for access to the most important websites with a periodic password renewal policy. Leef can help you with measures for your company to protect itself from cyber attacks such as encryption, authentication factors, security protocols and awareness of your staff. Leef can also analyze the business environment of the Windows network and check the possibilities for improvement in security, in practice, we can analyze which security policies can be adopted to improve the “health” of your environments, identifying any flaws that may exist. The current reality is already hard enough to be careless, to be surprised and harmed with invasions that with simple measures can be avoided, contact us, inform yourself and prevent yourself, it’s always better.

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