Automation doesn’t have to be a problem

Is your WMS Cognitive? In intralogistics operations (material handling), one of the biggest losses in efficiency occurs in the path taken by the tasks.

Can your WMS store or restock in a more appropriate location anticipating daily pickup?

Can your WMS generate waves of collections, predicting the similarity between them, respecting priorities and optimizing the route?

Can your WMS automatically initiate pick-up orders on the appropriate day and time, respecting priorities and optimizing the percentage of complete order delivery (Perfect Order), also taking into account materials being manufactured or entering?

Can your WMS take advantage of the full capacity of dynamic leasing, optimizing storage and increasing collection performance?

Can your WMS optimize Slotting and Profile tasks based on advanced algorithms?

Spark’s myWMS does!

Contact us , get to know the Leef x Spark partnership and enjoy this advantage of being a Leefer!

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